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rivka-black said: Hey Nic! I need some help. I've been invited to do a kink performance in a rockabilly/psychobilly themed variety show. I really want to participate but I have honestly no idea what that sort of thing looks like... It would be set to music and be me and maybe one other person on a stage. And I also can't dance... In your experience what would this sort of thing look like?

Every venue is going to be a little different so it’s hard to advise on this. Most of the places I perform at don’t have much in the way of dancing, it’s all more based around the bdsm play, with some theatrics thrown in.

When I perform I usually try to come up with a story and some characters first. Most events I go to have themes, which can help me pick who I’m going to be and how to interact with my play partner etc.

My performance process is, pick the characters (for the sub and domme) and then set a scene. Decide what will start the interaction, do BDSM play as the meat and try to tie it into the scene and then find a graceful way to end the “story.” Then, when you have an idea of how long you’ll need, you can pick the music you want to accompany the scene.

Here are some quick examples. When I did my Breaking Bad scene I performed as “Welter White.” I wanted to transition the character the way the show did so I started off in a wig and fake mustache and was kinda goofy for the first half (losing my pants to show off my tightie-whities etc.) Then, at the peak of the performance I pulled the wig off to reveal my shaved head (and slapped on a goatee) and then amped my play up to be much more serious and vicious. People loved that performance!

We recently did a disney princess theme. I wore very long blonde hair clips and was a princess and my evil queen (the domme) put me under a spell that made me strip. After some bdsm and humiliation she ended with a bang by sawing off all of my pretty hair, thus succeeding me as fairest in the land! ;)

The storylines are definitely what people really like to see. Go for a little bit of humor and theatrics at least in the beginning. You can make it funny the whole way through or ramp it up from funny to extreme. Once you have your story-line and characters it’s pretty easy to work in BDSM stuff. Spanking, stripping, bondage, impact play, body-worship and foot-worship are easy crowd-pleasers. You don’t have to dance if you can just make your face and gestures expressive through the whole thing and the music will help carry through the emotions.

If you end up not having a partner then you can go a little more burlesque and go with some mild dancing mixed in with self-bondage and spanking/impact. Things like slowly removing gloves, shoes, stockings, corsets etc can be very sexy! Use a chair for bending over, shake your bum abit, walk around the chair with exaggerated hip swinging and long steps, sit side-saddle and kick your legs abit, give a little o-face while removing a garter etc. If you wear layers you’ll have alot more to remove! Corset, dress, garters, bra, nipple-tassels, stockings etc etc etc. Watching burlesque shows online could also give you lots of ideas and moves!

Common easy themes that could fit into the rockabilly look are secretary (who could turn on a bossy boss), teacher (gettin’ naughty with students), pre-date-night-girly-prep or surprising a date with sudden kink or go animalistic and be a slinking feline kitty-kat all in leopard print who isn’t afraid to lick herself or show her claws.

Hope that’s helpful. There’s a million ways you could go with this, of course. :)

Newest look at work, I never thought I could rock the lighter hair look but I think it suits me.

I’m performing with evil queen and mistress of the night Seraphina Wilder next Saturday, August 16th! Dizney Destruction is Club Tempt’s 2 year anniversary and also Mistress Tetra’s birthday party!

Come celebrate with us and watch me get stripped, spanked and shorn! There will be multiple kinky Dizney themed performances and you’re all welcome to attend and use our dungeon to play!

Discounted presale tickets available here:

Tickets are also available at the door.

I look forward to performing for you and seeing you there! :)

One more for you. I love showing off my fat booty. Photo by Markus Alias.

Photos by Markus Alias

Anonymous said: I love seeing art and pictures of big girls and being reminded big is still beautiful but... Most of all the big girl art that I see seem to all have big busts, hips, and butts. While this is obvs beautiful, like you're damn gorgeous, I wondered what you though of girl who are big but have very little fat on their hips, butt, and breasts but have a lot on their midsection, arms, and back? It's just kinda hard to see myself as beautiful when I can't even find my body type in chubby art, ya'know?

This question comes at an apt time for me. I’ve been observing big girls lately who I find absolutely beautiful and many of them have big tummys, big arms and small chests or hips etc like you describe. It made me realize that I’ve been neglecting a huge portion of sexy, curvaceous women that I want to represent.

There’s so much more beauty out there beyond the scope of what is most commonly represented and I promise that I’m going to start expressing that in my artwork as well, soon.

In the meantime, know that just because you don’t have good representation right now doesn’t make you any less beautiful. I definitely understand that it’s harder to value yourself when society by and large pretends you don’t exist and robs you of positive role-models but you don’t need anyone else to tell or show you that you are a worthy and worthwhile human being and that you are not just beautiful but a million other inspiring things that make up the totality of the wonderful, unique person you are.

When I can, I pledge to broaden my representations of beautiful people. :)

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Another fat babe :v
Thinking about making a tumblr just for posting my art. I usually don’t show what I do, but seeing all that positive feedback was amazing! it´s so nice to see when your work is appreciated :)


Those days I’m painting some fat babes :)

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