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Anonymous said: I love seeing art and pictures of big girls and being reminded big is still beautiful but... Most of all the big girl art that I see seem to all have big busts, hips, and butts. While this is obvs beautiful, like you're damn gorgeous, I wondered what you though of girl who are big but have very little fat on their hips, butt, and breasts but have a lot on their midsection, arms, and back? It's just kinda hard to see myself as beautiful when I can't even find my body type in chubby art, ya'know?

This question comes at an apt time for me. I’ve been observing big girls lately who I find absolutely beautiful and many of them have big tummys, big arms and small chests or hips etc like you describe. It made me realize that I’ve been neglecting a huge portion of sexy, curvaceous women that I want to represent.

There’s so much more beauty out there beyond the scope of what is most commonly represented and I promise that I’m going to start expressing that in my artwork as well, soon.

In the meantime, know that just because you don’t have good representation right now doesn’t make you any less beautiful. I definitely understand that it’s harder to value yourself when society by and large pretends you don’t exist and robs you of positive role-models but you don’t need anyone else to tell or show you that you are a worthy and worthwhile human being and that you are not just beautiful but a million other inspiring things that make up the totality of the wonderful, unique person you are.

When I can, I pledge to broaden my representations of beautiful people. :)

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Another fat babe :v
Thinking about making a tumblr just for posting my art. I usually don’t show what I do, but seeing all that positive feedback was amazing! it´s so nice to see when your work is appreciated :)


Those days I’m painting some fat babes :)

Social Consciousness project.

I think I need to get these words tattooed onto my body, somewhere quite visible, because I wish I could shout it at half of the people I encounter in a day, at all of the ‘tsks’ and sneers and stares and unsolicited, unwanted “advice.”

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because it helps to remember this every now and then.

Also did anybody else notice that they removed the “Elton John’s AIDS foundation” logo from Miley’s picture? Fuckin’ agendas everywhere….

I literally threw a mini fit

The fact that they even touched up the woman in the BACKGROUND of the Selena Gomez pic is crazy.

I’ve said this every time it comes on my dash but please also notice that a lot of the women get photoshopped lighter.

And that´s the reason why nobody should try to be that thin, because that thin doesn´t exist in reality.


This is crazy to me. These women were already quite slim and they’ve cut them in half. And I’m particularly offended, somehow, by their noses being shrunk down…

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"Stella Dean Herself" by Naked Invention photos. Copyright: Jason Dulin

Please reblog with all citations in tact. Artists’ deserve their credit.

Here’s another one of me groveling to “Sklyer” during my performance as “Welter White” at Spanking Bad! She whipped me with my own belt!!!

I have no idea what to do with those tightie-whities now that the performance is done.. hahaha.

lizlovelaff said: This isn't a question, but I just wanted to say thank you. I know it doesn't mean much from some random person you've never met before, but your blog and comic kind of helped change my self image for the better. You helped me see that even if I'm super chubby, I'm no less attractive for it. So yes, thank you very much, and keep on rocking!

I love to hear things like this! I’m so very happy you feel confident about yourself, you have every right to be! It is definitely a goal in my life to get people of all shapes, colors, sizes and whatever else to feel good about themselves both because of and beyond their bodies. <3 Thank you!

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