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rivka-black asked: Hi! I'm the person who asked you all those questions about professional switching. I love my job and everything is going great! I want to thank you for all the advice and ask one last thing: This is the tumblr for my sex-work persona; would you plug it for me? No is obviously okay.

Hey, I know a girl who used to work at your place! She’s out here in LA now but she’s a sweetheart and has fond memories. :)

So, guys, if you like sexy switches you ought to check her page! :D


Tumblr user:

It took me 20 years to love my body, I have unleashed a monster now Im obsessed.  I hope every female learns to love their body and embrace their flaws. From every roll to dimple LOVE YOUR BODY AND STRUT YOUR STUFF

I’m so fucking SICK of having to explain to people, every single day, that they have NO SAY in body and appearance. It’s exhausting. But I will never be the girl who silently ducks her head when someone tries to tell me how to look like THEIR ideal. When will the world understand that my body does not belong to them? Not for their comment or pleasure or otherwise. I’m so tired…

beccathemini asked: Hey. I asked some time ago about pro kink advice. I started work and it's amazing and I love it! Thing is the house expects me to do a lot of my own client seeking and self promoting. Do you have advice on how to find potential clients by way of internet? A lot of forums have a no advertising rule and fetlife is pretty hostile to pros...

I haven’t had to do much advertising in my time because my house always took care of it but recently I’m in the same boat as you! Since I’m just now exploring advertising on my own I haven’t found any secret gems yet but I can give a little advice.

Backpage is probably the cheapest place to post, it’s alot like craigslist but it allows sex-work postings and has a section specifically for domination. However, I find that most of the traffic I get from there is looking for prostitution services so it doesn’t best serve my needs. I guess you get what you pay for.

Many girls promote themselves via free social networking sites such as twitter and facebook. I personally have never gotten a client with these routes but I know girls who have so it couldn’t hurt? Also, some ladies do promos via very short free clips on youtube of things like moisturizing their feet etc. Obviously you’d have to keep it clean on youtube but you may just pick up some fanbase. Again, this isn’t a route that has worked for me but I know women who work it!

There are also well known posting places like Max Fisch and Pandemos but they cost a little more and I haven’t been on them recently so I don’t know what kind of response they might get.

And, of course, you can always try to find other sites by googling things like “domina directories” etc. Every girl has a different thing that works for her so don’t be afraid to explore, I’m glad you’re enjoying the business! :D


Garth Knigh Creates Stunning Erotic Art Out Of Rope, Rocks And Human

The erotic art of Sydney Australia based Garth Knight entails a series of six suspended ‘trees’ ( in order: first, blue,heart, man, lost, and red) all which are made out of rocks and ropes. Each individual “tree” is created over one or two naked bodies, often posing in very sensual positions. If the ‘trees’ are observed in order, they create a linear narrative- one that tells, through stunning and innovative imagery, the story of human existence. The artists accompanies his images with text; the words further narrate the story he is trying to tell.

Knights multi-disciplinary practice covers various areas including installation, sculpture, and photo media. As you can acknowledge from the photos shown here, his works often (almost always) include the use of rope bondage, amongst other erotic elements that mesh with ideas of strength, pleasure, and sexuality.

Via Feminist Ink

Dear casual misogynists who insipidly creep into my life, you are now excused, your names are not on the list of those who get attendance to my friendship, I’ll even hold the door open for you on your way out so you have me to blame for your offense, instead of applying self-examination and learning to treat other people like human beings, no matter how low you’ve attempted to set that standard with your insistent ignorance and your thin veil of high-brow holier-than-thou… I hope others, like myself, slowly wean you of their desirable presence and leave you surrounded by the equally cretinous, in a pit of pathetic and lonely back-clapping where you pass your antiquated ideals in a neverending circle of conceit thereby castrating the contemptible archetype you pray to in every condescending head-pat aimed to those of us so far beyond your bullshit. <3 <3 <3

oh oh oh.

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