Nic Buxom!

Anonymous asked: You are soooo gorgeous... I love your green eyes so much. It's like moss green. So gorgeous.

Why thank you! I have those funny eyes that change color quite significantly depending on the lighting and the colors around me that they pick up. I think they’re OFFICIALLY a “gray” color but that sounds pretty pretentious so I always say green but they’re often mistaken for blue.

Anonymous asked: I know this might sound a little weird and confusing coming out the mouth of an (grey)asexual but I'm a big fan of you and your webcomic. I really loved the humor of it and I find the world of kink so fascinating and beautiful (even if its more of an outside looking in perspective). I was wondering if you knew of people participating in kink related activities but not for sexual reason like, for example, bondage/shibari for the artistic expression of a human body? Sorry if it's a stupid question

Not stupid at all!

I’m a huge believer in kink and BDSM outside of the sexual realm. I don’t have sex with my clients and I definitely get a different kind of gratification from it. I don’t get “turned on” at work but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy it. I definitely get the benefit of endorphins and other feel-good chemicals and that’s the real draw of it for me, not because it gets me wet. ;)

I also know many performers who are definitely in the scene more for the “art” aspect of it. Fetish gear, especially, is getting bigger and bigger in the fashion industry so there are definitely a million ways to enjoy kink outside of sex!

Thanks to everyone who watched me get shaved live on cam! I had a great time! And for those of you who felt bad for me, I promise that Mistress Ashley and I are good friends and this was all discussed beforehand and completely consensual. :)

Also, fuck you guys who were asking her to shave my eyebrows! hahaha

ALRIGHT! Technical difficulties delayed my head-shaving but I am not getting out of it this time! Mistress Ashley Reigns has vowed my hair is coming off tonight NO MATTER WHAT! So check us out on her account at 5pm PST! I’m going to lose clothes, I’m going to lose hair, I’m going to lose dignity!!!

Going live on cam with a Mistress. Watch me beaten, shaven, disrobed and more, LIVE! :D


rivka-black asked: Hi! I'm the person who asked you all those questions about professional switching. I love my job and everything is going great! I want to thank you for all the advice and ask one last thing: This is the tumblr for my sex-work persona; would you plug it for me? No is obviously okay.

Hey, I know a girl who used to work at your place! She’s out here in LA now but she’s a sweetheart and has fond memories. :)

So, guys, if you like sexy switches you ought to check her page! :D


Tumblr user:

It took me 20 years to love my body, I have unleashed a monster now Im obsessed.  I hope every female learns to love their body and embrace their flaws. From every roll to dimple LOVE YOUR BODY AND STRUT YOUR STUFF

I’m so fucking SICK of having to explain to people, every single day, that they have NO SAY in body and appearance. It’s exhausting. But I will never be the girl who silently ducks her head when someone tries to tell me how to look like THEIR ideal. When will the world understand that my body does not belong to them? Not for their comment or pleasure or otherwise. I’m so tired…

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